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I regularly (spread over two semesters) teach the following classes:

  • Introduction to Computational Linguistics and Text Technology; BA-level
  • Fundamental Methods of applied Computational Linguistics (Topics: Parsing, named-entity recognition, tokenizing; practical exercises using Python / NLTK); BA-level
  • Advanced Methods of applied Computational Linguistics I & II (Topics I: graphical models, language models, HMMs, PCFGs, etc.; Topics II: Classifiers); MA-level
  • Artificial Conversational Agents, Theory and Practice (Topics theory: seminal papers & new literature about relevant phenomena and models; tought together with Stefan Kopp; Topics practice: practical developement of dialogue system); MA-level
  • Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (various topics, literature seminar); MA-level
See the German pages for more study-relevant information.