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Research profile

The research strength of the Lili faculty with the entire breadth of its subjects is impressively reflected in the DFG's current national research rankings. Numerous subjects are a top priority in the acquisition of third-party funding. Each of the six subjects has individually financed projects, which can be found in detail on the Internet presentations of the respective subjects.

The disciplines of the LiLi faculty have developed their research activities again and again in such a way that intersections with adjacent subjects and disciplines could be created. This has resulted in an interdisciplinary research profile within the faculty, as well as beyond the scientific boundary of humanities studies, which can be characterized by dynamism, openness and new perspectives on the traditional disciplines.

Three collaborative projects have emerged from the diverse research activities, CITEC (Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology), which investigates cognitive interaction technology in basic and application research, SFB 1288, which reconstructs and analyses comparative practices in international and historical perspectives, as well as the CIAS (Center for Interamerican Studies) with the Merian Center of the BMBF, which researches the the North and South American continents using a transregional and interdisciplinary perspective.

In addition, several disciplines are involved in the third party-funded research program of the 'Quality-Promotional Teacher Training' under the title of 'bi-professional', linking research and theory into empirical and theoretical research. Here it can be clearly demonstrated that directly relating research and teaching to one another in the current research landscape is a sensible and successful strategy to directly relate research and teaching to one another.

The University's mission statement 'Transcending Boundaries' is realized in the research of the faculty, especially in the shifting and opening up of disciplinary boundaries that productively combines the theories and methods of individual subjects.



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Fakultätsgremium für Angelegenheiten der Forschung und Unterstützung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses. Die Kommission fördert Nachwuchswissenschaftler und Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen der Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft der Universität Bielefeld bei unterschiedlichen Anliegen.

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