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Study programme

Bielefeld University is planning to establish a model study course in medicine. In addition to preparing students throughout their studies for the varied demands of medical work, the new model study course will focus particularly on the prospect of working as a general practitioner (GP). Throughout their studies and from the very first semester, the students will have regular contact with patients in general medical practices. The aim is to interest the students in becoming a GP, to acquaint them with the possibilities of settling in OWL, and to provide them with valuable contacts for the clinical traineeship (compulsory internship), the block work placement, the practical year or any further specialist medical training.

From the outset, the content of the basic subjects integral to an understanding of medicine are to be supplemented by case studies from clinical disciplines such as general medicine, orthopaedics, internal medicine and paediatrics. Further features of the Bielefeld model study programme include an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, close networking with other professions in the health care system, opportunities to develop a professional profile and a strong scientific-methodical orientation.