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Scholarships and Funding

At the start of the postdoc phase, one of the most important targets in an academic career plan is to reach the level of academic independence. The application for third-party funded projects enables the postdoc to develop a research profile and is considered as evidence of academic self-reliance. Many researchers depend on project funding or scholarships to continue their research, not least because there are so few jobs available at the postdoc level. Postdocs are also expected to be mobile and build networks, which is also reflected by specific funding programmes.

The following pages offer an overview of the best-known types of funding according to career level and career aim after the doctorate.

There is also a wide range funding opportunities that target a particular part of the research community or are offered by smaller organisations. You can use the research data bank ELFI to look up specialised funding opportunities such as these as well the more general funding programmes. This is free for Bielefeld members. In addition, the Center for Young Researchers can support you in finding the right funding programme to suit your research profile. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment.


15 June 2020
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