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Writing Advice

A dissertation is a curious kind of text. On the one hand, it is marked like an exam paper. On the other hand, it is a genuine piece of research. Because of this dual nature, it is sometimes challenging to clarify the aims, requirements and standards of your own dissertation.

If you embark on a dissertation, you will navigate through a particularly demanding work process over a long period of time. It is important to stick with it, to do the right thing in the right places, to prepare, coordinate and take decisions on a range of issues: how you handle the wealth of material, on focus, on the structure of the work, on length of text, tone, depth and breadth.

If you feel out of your depth and cannot see the wood for the trees, or if you need a jump start after a break, a neutral viewpoint may prove to be invaluable. We can provide you with a fresh perspective in our individual advice sessions.

Contact: Stefanie Haacke


15 June 2020
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