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Good Supervision

Providing modern and forward looking support to doctoral students is one of the most important strategic tasks of Bielefeld University. Both intensive and qualified supervision are decisive for this. Bielefeld University has formulated the present Standards for Good Supervision of doctorates in order to encourage discussion on the supervision of doctorates and thereby contribute to the development of a "culture of good supervision". The goal is to ensure a top-quality supervision for all doctoral students regardless of their status and the type of doctorate they have chosen. Although much of this may seem a matter of course, these standards should nonetheless contribute to a climate of transparency and commitment.

The standards are directed primarily towards those academics in the faculties and graduate schools who are supervising young academics working on their doctoral theses. For the doctoral students themselves, the standards provide an overview of the tasks of the supervisor – and simultaneously an orientation regarding their own duties that are generally defined more precisely in a supervision contract.

In case of any supervision problems, doctoral students can contact

Prof. Dr. Barbara Hammer, bhammer@techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Arlinghaus, franz.arlinghaus@uni-bielefeld.de


15 June 2020
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