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Career Guidance

Planning an academic career

There are many questions to consider when embarking on an academic career: How can I prepare for the next stage of my career? How do I reach my goal of a professorship?

Or perhaps your funding is coming to an end and you need to plan your next step. It could be that you are looking for funding opportunities for a postdoctoral study phase abroad. Or you wish to hand in a project application and need feedback.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can reconcile the demands of an academic career with family responsibilities?

The Service Center for Young Researchers is happy to give you advice on your academic career. It helps you in questions such as applying for third-party funding, study phases abroad, changing institutions, academic independence, and developing a research profile. If you experience problems with your working group leader you can also turn to us with your concerns as the first point of contact. Advice is treated confidentially and is targeted to your specific issues and needs. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with a representative of the Service Center.


Professional orientation and career planning in the non-academic sector

The Career Service offers individual counselling, coaching and workshops to prospective and doctoral students as well as to postdocs on questions of career direction and planning in the non-academic sector.

Our careers advice is confidential and is based on resource and solution-oriented approaches. Starting from your individual concerns, staff at the Career Service will support you in determining your personal interests and strengths and help you develop action and decision-making strategies to map out your professional goals.

On request, the Careers Service also advises those responsible for the graduate programmes on how to design and implement career-oriented courses.


15 June 2020
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