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PhD Consulting

Service Center for Young Researchers

If you are interested in doing a doctorate and need help in the decision process you can contact the Service Center for Young Researchers. Its staff can help clarify the formal requirements and structure of a doctoral degree and give you ideas on planning your project and finding a suitable supervisor. If you are looking into funding possibilities or wondering how to plan your study abroad they can also advise you. If you are not already based at the University, the Service Center can also give you information on the study options available for PhD candidates at Bielefeld University.

The Service Center for Young Researchers is your main point of call at the University for advice on such questions. The Service Center can also put you in touch with the corresponding office or department as needed. Take the first step by making an appointment with the Service Center representatives.


Advice within the faculties and doctoral programmes

For questions on procedures and regulatory frameworks specific to your subject area you can get in touch with the contact person of the particular faculty.

For questions on the admission requirements for specific subject areas, the application process to be accepted on as a doctoral candidate and how to enrol, please contact the contact person in the faculty's examination office or the dean's office. For information on structure, courses and specifications of the structured graduate programme please contact staff of the particular office.


15 June 2020
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