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Young Researchers at the ZiF (Center for Interdisciplinary Research)

As the Institute of Advanced Study at Bielefeld University, the ZiF fosters outstanding and innovative interdisciplinary research projects. The ZiF is an independent thematically open research institution and is open to scholars from all disciplines and countries.

The contribution of young researchers and their ideas are especially welcome at the ZiF:

  • Doctoral candidates and postdocs can participate in Research and Cooperation groups at the ZiF as fellows. Please address a corresponding letter of application to the head of the particular research project.
  • Scholarship holders from the "Begabtenförderwerke" (organisations in Germany for the promotion of young talents) can organise workshops whilst still engaged in their studies or doctoral degrees.
  • Postdocs can lead working groups, cooperation groups and research groups at the ZiF. The cooperation group format can also be used for the initial financing of third-party funded projects; become a fellow at the Young ZiF. The Young ZiF focuses on interdisciplinary discourse. Its fellows can independently run working groups. There is an open call for the fellowship.



15 June 2020
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