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Neu an der Uni Bielefeld

The University has an extensive infrastructure and various services which are indispensable for a smooth-running research environment and from which you, as a young researcher, can benefit.

For new arrivals, we have collated the most important information. You can find a general overview of Bielefeld University on these pages.


Students, staff as well as external library users of Bielefeld University require the UniCard, which functions as a student identity card or work identity card for staff as well as an identity card for external users of the library. With this card, you may borrow books, make cashless payments at the University canteen and also use it to clock in and out. The card also serves to administer your semester ticket. You can find information on the UniCard and how to apply for it here.

+Public Transport

Young researchers of Bielefeld University have the following options to get tickets for public transportation:

  • Doctoral candidates enrolled at Bielefeld University receive the semester ticket for OWL and NRW automatically. Further information can be found here (in German).
  • Young researchers employed by Bielefeld University may also apply for a job ticket. Further information is available here (in German).
+Entry into the staff directory

The staff and faculty directory lists contact details of all personnel and is the most important source of information when searching for persons and faculties within the internet services of the University.

To make sure that you are found as staff member and are included in the various mailing lists, it is important that you are registered in the staff and faculty directory. The maintenance of this directory is the responsibility of staff members at the faculties and institutions who create the entries. You can find the person responsible at your unit by going to the faculty page (e.g. by using the search field) and clicking on the right-hand menu "Kontakt für Korrekturwünsche" (contact for correction requests).

The entry may be supplemented with photo, CV or a description of research interests. Information on how to add this information can be found at BIS-Wiki (in German).

For further questions concerning the staff directory please contact the BIS team with an email to bissupport@uni-bielefeld.de.

+Access to BITS (Bielefeld IT Service Centre)

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the Bielefeld IT Service Centre (BITS), you will need an account. The activation process is different for students and staff members. You can find further information on this on the webpages of BITS.

Doctoral candidates who are enrolled on a graduate study course at the University receive the access details for the PRISMA Portal along with the confirmation of matriculation. This portal stores the personal username and university email address which are needed to use all the services of BITS.

As soon as your account is activated, the following services are available to you:

  • Access to WLAN at the University and remotely to the campus network using VPN
  • Own email box and email address with the ending "uni-bielefeld.de"
  • Access to the computers in the PC rooms of the University Computing Centre (HRZ)
  • Your own network storage (P-drive)
  • Use of virus protection "Sophos Anti-Virus"

Doctoral candidates and postdocs who are employed by Bielefeld University can also have their HRZ accounts set up by the respective IT support staff member of the faculty or institute.


15 June 2020
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