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Persons With Severe Disabilities

The Rektorat is funding a programme to improve the employment in the academic field of persons with severe disability.

This programme is offering persons with severe disability the possibility of being employed in a 50% E 13 position in order to do their doctorate.

Faculties and institutes can apply to the Rektorat for a part-time (50%) position for academic staff (E 13) limited to 2 years for persons with severe disability who are intending to do a doctorate. If the doctorate is not completed successfully within this 2-year period, further employment is possible if the supervising professor considers that the doctorate can be completed within a foreseeable period of time.

Programme Conditions

  • Severe disability (disability grade over 50 or on equal terms)
  • A proposal for the doctorate and the agreement of a professor to supervise it


Mr. Michael Johannfunke, the representative of disabled employees, will be pleased to answer queries by those interested in the programme or from professors with general questions on employing the severely disabled.
Mr. Michael Johannfunke
Phone 0521/106-4201
Email sbv@uni-bielefeld.de

Mrs. Moshage will be pleased to answer questions on application procedures.
Mrs. Jennifer Moshage
Phone: 0521/106-4166
Email: jennifer.moshage@uni-bielefeld.de .


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15 June 2020
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