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Scholarships and funding programmes

On the following pages there is a general overview of the various funding opportunities available for prospective doctoral candidates and doctoral candidates.

  • The Bielefeld Young Researchers' Fund is Bielefeld University's own funding programme. It has different lines of funding for promoting researchers, prospective doctoral candidates, doctoral candidates and postdocs. There are also postdoctoral funding measures for supporting bridge stages between academic phases.
  • The doctoral scholarships offered by the 'Begabtenförderungswerke' (organisations in Germany which promote young talented students), provide other funding opportunities for doctoral candidates.
  • For women, there are also specific funding and support measures in place at Bielefeld University.
  • There is also a funded programme at Bielefeld University for people with disabilities.
  • Funding opportunities for short or longer stays abroad are available during your doctoral studies.
  • If you have earned a doctoral degree with distinction then you can also apply for awards and prizes!
  • Doctoral scholarship holders have special tax and social security conditions.


15 June 2020
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