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Doctoral Scholarships of the Begabtenförderungswerke

Motivated and socially engaged students with an outstanding academic record can apply to one of the thirteen 'Begabtenförderungswerke' (organisations in Germany for the promotion of young talent). These organisations, which are supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), award scholarships to young people whose talent and character show potential for an outstanding contribution to an academic or professional field as well as societal responsibility. Some associations are more neutral in their ideology and others may have a more political, religious, economic orientation or be affiliated with a trade union, reflecting the democratic plural society we live in. The associations award scholarships to those candidates who share their own values and convictions.

Prospective doctoral students can find general information on scholarships as well as a list of the local appointed lecturers of the organisations here (German only).

The portal "Stipendium Plus" offers comprehensive information on all 13 organisations and can help to find one that suits you.


15 June 2020
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