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Research on Refugees and Migration at Bielefeld University

4th FlüGe Symposium on February 21-22, 2019

With the input of multidisciplinary experts, the conference will highlight the main challenges of health research in societies with dynamic migration, such as Germany. The conference will also shed light on key political and humanitarian issues, such as the equal right of migrants for accessing health care services. Furthermore, the conference will discuss interdisciplinary strategies and interventions towards integration of migrants.


New Home Working Group at the Department of Sociology Research Unit Transnationalization and Development

Led by Prof. PhD Thomas Faist the Home Working Group "COMCAD- Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development" is currently researching on three major fields of study:

  • Cross-border migration
  • Forms of migration and mobility
  • Transnational social question
Further research areas such as environmental degradation and climate change and transnational social protection are part of the research project of the working group.


Easing refugees' trauma with psychotherapy

Psychologist at Bielefeld University presents successful treatment method

They are suffering from nightmares, flashbacks, depression, or anxiety disorders: refugees coming to Germany from conflict areas are frequently traumatized. 'Realistic estimates state that up to 40 per cent of refugees have mental problems. Hence, for the period since 2015, we are talking about several hundred thousand people who are in real need of psychological support,' says Professor Dr. Frank Neuner from Bielefeld University. The psychologist is one of the team responsible for developing 'Narrative Exposure Therapy' (NET). It has been applied over the last 15 years in conflict zones from East Africa to Sri Lanka. What is special about this therapy is that it shows success after only a few sessions. In a new research_tv programme at Bielefeld University, Frank Neuner talks about NET and explains the consequences of leaving refugees without treatment.


Conference at Bielefeld University: Refugee Migration and Health
From the 12th-14th October the conference "Refugee Migration and Health - Challenges for Germany and Europe" was held as a Satellite event of the World Health Summit 2016. The conference was held at the ZiF (Center for interdisciplinary research) at Bielefeld University.


resaerch tv InterviewMigration researcher Thomas Faist in research_tv interview
Migration poses challenges for nations, but it also opens up opportunities ? especially in the migrants? destination countries. Sociologist Thomas Faist conducts research at Bielefeld University on how international migration affects education and the labour market.


Erhebung Arbeitsmarktqualification FlüchtlingeEducational interests and labour market qualifications of refugees
First-ever survey in Germany at Bielefeld University