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Research Profile

The research of the Research and Teaching Unit 9 focuses on six fields: theory and concepts of (I.) social science education and (II.) socio-economic education , (III.) didactical socialisation research, (IV.) research on teaching and (V.) diagnostics as well as (VI.) research on the teaching profession and on training of teachers.

In the internationalisation of research, the working unit is dedicated to the cooperation and networking of the didactics of social sciences in Europe and neighbouring regions since its creation in 2002. In the same year, this led to the launching of the Journal of Social Science Education (JSSE) which brings theme-oriented didactical discourses together and which is edited and organised at the Bielefeld Faculty of Sociology. At the same time, the working unit conducted a project on the structures of didactical research in Europe (2003-2005) from which, with the support of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the network entitled „Networking European Citizenship Education“ (NECE) emerged in 2006.

An additional research focus of the working unit is on the political education in post-socialist countries. This resulted, for example, in the publication of two special issues of the JSSE (2-20071-2008) and in the organisation of international conferences in Bielefeld and Berlin (2007), as well as in Sofia (2008) and in St. Petersburg (2009).

Another international point of interest is the critical research on education for political participation which was the main topic of a workshop in Hamburg (2011). Research results are published in the book „Education for Civic and Political Participation“ (Routledge, 2013).


Research Projects

Forschungsfelder in der Didaktik der Sozialwissenschaften Die hier ausgewiesenen Thematiken repräsentieren nicht nur die Forschungsaktivitäten der Mitglieder des Arbeitsbereiches, sondern schlagen sich auch in deren Lehrveranstaltungen nieder.

I. Theorie und Konzepte der sozialwissenschaftlichen Bildung

II. Theorie und Konzeption sozioökonomischer Bildung

III. Fachdidaktische Sozialisationsforschung

IV. Unterrichtsforschung in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Bildung

V. Fachdidaktische Diagnostik in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Bildung

VI. Lehrerprofessionsforschung