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The Equal Opportunities Commission

The Faculty of Sociology evaluates equality between women* and men* in all areas and status groups as one of its central development goals. It supports the gender equality activities of Bielefeld University both emphatically and sustainably. By equality we understand that measures are taken to support equal opportunities and gender equality. This can be achieved by reducing the structural disadvantage of women, reducing inequality in the allocation of jobs and maintaining respectful interaction with one another.

The Equal Opportunities Commission advocates equal participation of women* and men* at all levels of the faculty. To this end, we give recommendations for action, accompany appointment procedures and serve as a point of contact for all questions about equality as well as for suggestions, complaints and reports of personal or structural experiences of discrimination.

A particular concern for us is the implementation of gender-sensitive language. Further information can be found here. In order to achieve gender equality in science and in everyday university life, we have set up the project 'Gleichstellung im Fakultätsalltag - Ein moderierter Dialog', which we have been carrying out at regular intervals since 2018. The aim of our project is the exchange as well as the sensitization of gender-relevant topics in the faculty. Further information is available  here.