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About the Faculty of Sociology

The Faculty of Sociology is one of the largest institutions for research and teaching in the social sciences in the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe. The Faculty brings together research and teaching in numerous disciplines: general sociology, a number of special branches of sociology, political science, social anthropology, and social science (as an interdisciplinary combination of sociology, political science, and economics). Besides three BA degree programmes (Sociology, Political Science, Social Science), the Faculty of Sociology offers one of the largest master's degree programmes in Germany in sociology, including an international track. The establishment of a master's degree programme in political science is currently in preparation. In addition, the Faculty is involved in a number of interdisciplinary master's degree programmes (Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Media Studies, Statistical Science, InterAmerican Studies, with a leading role in some of these programmes) , and has been active in the structured doctoral programme institutionalised in the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology for more than ten years. Some 3,000 students are studying in the majors and minors offered by the Faculty and in the structured doctoral programme.

With respect to research, the Faculty's main focal areas are the global society and inequality. They provide an umbrella for numerous individual projects and collaborative research projects. In addition, a large number of individual research projects are being carried out at the Faculty, covering a broad spectrum of topics and research areas in sociology, political science, and social science. The list of current research projects at the Faculty with third-party funding is available here.

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At present, the Faculty is divided into eleven research and teaching units in which a total of 30 professors and 40 academic staff teach and conduct research.

Niklas Luhmann was decisive in creating the Faculty's external profile over a period of decades. His sociological systems theory and theory of society had and still have great impact on many research areas in the humanities and social sciences. Luhmann's papers, including his 'Zettelkasten' (system of notes: Card index), are being edited and made accessible to the general public at the Faculty of Sociology. The Faculty and the University established in 2006 the Niklas Luhmann Guest Professorship in his honour. Scholars contributing to social theory are regularly invited to assume the chair.

As one of the three founding faculties of Bielefeld University, the Faculty will celebrate its 50-year anniversary in 2019.