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Universidad de Deusto (Campus Bilbao) – University Deusto (Campus Bilbao)

Erasmus+ Coordinator: 

for Political Science:Prof. Dr. Flügel-Martinsen

for Philosphy: Prof. Dr. Carrier

Website: https://www.deusto.es/

Study Cycle: Bachelor

Language of instruction: Spanish, English and Basque. Base on the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR), the minimum desirable level of language proficiency is B2 for all three languages.

Erasmus+ partner: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas


General InformationBilbao is an industrial and port city located in the north of Spain. The city is well known for its Guggenheim Museum, which opend in 1997. It displays various pieces of significant modern and contemporay art. The Universidad de Deusto, founded in 1886, is a privately financed and run university of the Jesuitorder. Being host to 9630 students makes the campus Bilbao the biggest Campus of the Universidad de Deusto. The Campus is surrounded by greenery and students can get to the beach in about 20 minutes using public transport.


Course offerings: Our Erasmus+ partner at Bilbao, the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas, offers two Studyprogrammes:

You can find detailed descriptons on the programmes, as well as a full course catalogue on the faculty website.

Studyterms: The winter semester starts regularly in early September and ends mid December. Exams will be written from end of December to mid January. The summer semester starts in early February and ends in mid May. Exams will be written from early June on.

Other information: The University offers students support through languages courses and a Buddy programme, as well as support with finding accommodation.  Students can enjoy a divers leisure programme at low cost.