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Sofijski universitet „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“ - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Erasmus+ coordinator:   Natalya Kashkovskaya

Homepage: https://www.uni-sofia.bg/index.php/eng

Study cycle: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Language of instruction:  English and Bulgarian. There are many courses offered in English. The minimum desirable level of English or Bulgarian language proficiency is B1 following the Common European Reference Frame (CEFR). The University also offers a MA-Program in German and Frensh.


General information: Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria in the west of the country. The city is shaped by the river Iskar, flowing through the city and many historical influences from the antique over the Osmania Empire, to modernity and the influence of the Bulgarian orthodox-church. With its universities and research centers Sofia is the educational center of Bulgaria. The Sofia University is the biggest University in the country, with 14.000 students at 15 different faculties. The faculty of philosophy has been established 70 years after the universities foundation 1888. Since then it is central in the production and distribution of knowledge, following the goal to form the human mind and in connection with experience and skills to convert in social practice. The faculty unites the departments of philosophy, sociology, psychology, political science, cultural studies, administration and information and European studies.

Course offerings: Our partner in Sofia, the ФИЛОСОФСКИФАКУЛТЕТ of the Sofia University offers the following course program:

You can find a detailed description of all study programs as well as an overview of all courses offered in English at the universities Homepage.

Study terms: The winter semester unusually begins in October and ends in January. The summer semester begins in February and ends in June.

Other information: The university offers incoming students support with language classes and different orientation programs as well as with an experience guide. The Erasmus+ students network (ESN) of Sofia University offers Erasmus+ students additional information and helpful hints. Further information for Erasmus+ students can be found at the hompage.































Events & Deadlines

Erasmus+ Sprechstunde/ Office hours:
Aktuell bieten wir eine online Sprechstunde an. Bitte kontaktiert uns zum Termin vereinbaren per Mail an erasmus.soc@uni-bielefeld.de

// At the moment we are offering online office hours. Please contact us to make an appointment by mail to erasmus.soc@uni-bielefeld.de


PDF-DokumentCourses taught in English - SoSe 2021

PDF-DokumentCourses taught in English (Int. Track) - SoSe 2021

Alle Kurse für das kommende Semester sind auch im eKVV online einsehbar! Englischsprachige Veranstaltungen finden Sie HIER.

All courses for the upcoming semester are also available online in the eKVV. You can find an overview of courses in English  HERE.









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