Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Group

The Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics group headed by Prof. Dr. Ralf Hofestädt works on the integration of molecular biological and medical data sources and its application. One field is the database-supported modeling, visualization, analysis and simulation of biological networks. Therefore, new methods and algorithms are developed to annotate yet unknown molecules and to analyze the dynamics of the network in the particular biological context. Another field of research deals with the development of novel methods for the analysis of adverse drug reactions. Based on the integrated data sources, methods for identification and reduction of e.g. clinically relevant drug-drug interactions, are developed. Furthermore, research of combining these two fields is ongoing for gaining a deeper insight into the underlying mechanism of drug action on a molecular level. The impact of genetic differences on the efficacy of drugs or disease is as important as its probabilistic modeling and interpretation of causalities.

In the field of text mining, the group cooperates with the group “Semantic Computing” of Faculty of Technology. Besides, there are cooperation projects within the International Research Training Group “DiDy”.