Machine Learning Group

The research group Machine Learning (ML), chaired by Barbara Hammer, was established at Bielefeld University on April 1st, 2010, as part of the CITEC center of excellence and the Faculty of Technology. The group's main focus lies in the development and analysis of cognitively inspired machine learning techniques to automatically uncover structures in digital data sets and to realize intelligent adaptive behavior in technical systems. As such, the research of the Machine Learning group centers around a key enabling technology for the cluster of excellence CITEC and the theoretical foundation of machine learning models e.g. for learning with concept drift, transfer learning, or explainable AI.

The group is involved in several projects of CITEC such as intelligent tranfer learning for individualized control of lower limb protheses, or data driven techniques which can substantiate (human) motion data with semantic grounding. Besides, the group takes part in industrial projects hosted by Bielefeld's Cor-Lab transfer institute, addressing challenges such as predictive maintenance or intelligent product personalization for the modern digitalized industry. Since intelligent data analysis and machine learning play a major role for todays' data repositories in the biomedical domain, the group also takes part in bioinformatics projects such as intelligent data analysis for single cell sequencing data within the International Research Training Group DiDy. The group collaborates with colleagues from the Faculty of Technology, colleagues from the Biology department and from Sports Sciences at Bielefeld University, as well as national and international colleagues.