CeBiTec (Center for Biotechnology)

CeBiTec building

Image by Evgeny Borisov

The Center for Biotechnology is a faculty spanning central academic institution of Bielefeld University. Its purpose is to bundle the biotechnological activities and research projects at the university, to foster crosslinking of research approaches and technologies from different research fields and to develop innovative projects within its two main research areas: “Large Scale Genomics and Big Data Bioinformatics” and “Metabolic Engineering of Unicellular Systems and Bioproduction”.

The first research area focuses on genome research on bacteria relevant for biotechnology, agriculture and the environment, on structural and functional decoding of genomes of crop plants, animal cell cultures and microalgae, on metagenomics analysis of microbial communities as well as on elucidation of the function and interaction of genes and genomes with post-genomics and bioinformatics methods.

Within the second research area microorganisms, unicellular algae, and mammalian cell lines are applied for the production of a broad spectrum of valuable products. These include the sustainable production of bioproducts with microorganisms, the production of recombinant therapeutic and diagnostic proteins in animal cell lines, studies of plant growth and development, the optimisation of the sunlight-to-biomass conversion in phototrophic microorganisms, the production of biofuels with heterotrophic and phototrophic organisms, and the protein production and secretion as well as the synthesis of hydrocarbon compounds and the biocatalytic H2 production with microalgae.

To this end, the three Technology Platforms of CeBiTec, namely for Bioinformatics, for Genomics and for Fermentation & Bioenergy, which are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumental infrastructure, play an important role and their equipment and expertise are indispensable for the fastidious biotechnological research projects conducted by the CeBiTec. Furthermore, the CeBiTec organises several scientific events from workshops and scientific retreats to distinguished lectures and international research conferences.