CITEC Graduate School

The CITEC Graduate School was founded in 2008 as a central part of the Cluster of Excellence. It is the essential platform for earning an advanced academic qualification in the field of cognitive interaction technology at Bielefeld University. The Gradudate School's activities are directed at interdisciplinary exchange among peers and beyond. Currently the Graduate School has about 140 members.

Doctoral researchers who are financed from fundings of the Cluster of Excellence are automatically members of the Graduate School. Other doctoral researchers at CITEC can become member upon application. Please contact the Graduate School manager Claudia Muhl for more information.

The Graduate School has developed several elements to encourage interdisciplinary scientific working. This is why you will be advised by a team of supervisors from different disciplines. This is your thesis team. It consists of your supervisor, as well as colleagues from other disciplines. Your thesis team meets once a year to evaluate your progress and to give you advice on how to proceed with your work.

To ensure that you get the best possible supervision and support during your doctoral programme, doctoral researchers and their supervisors sign a supervising agreement recommended by the German Research Foundation.