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Interdisciplinary doctoral degree program Intelligent Systems

The interdisciplinary doctoral degree program "Intelligent Systems" (ISY) provides the foundation for advanced academic and scientific training at the CITEC Graduate School. An integral component of this program is researching and writing the doctoral dissertation according to the regulations of the student?s respective faculty. The doctoral degree program offers structured support to doctoral researchers and prepares them for qualified employment in both industry and the academe. The program aims to provide interdisciplinary academic qualification, which enables students to become highly integrated in CITEC's research activities.

A wide range of courses allows students to expand their knowledge and skills in many different academic disciplines. In addition to the academic and scientific training provided by the program, students also have opportunities to improve their teamwork, communication, and presentation skills.

At this time, the following faculties currently participate in the ISY doctoral degree program: Biology, Linguistics and Literary Studies, and Psychology and Sports Science, along with the technical faculties. The doctoral degree program is coordinated by the ISY Steering Committee, which is composed of representatives from the participating academic faculties. The current Chairman of the ISY Steering Committee is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz Kummert.


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