Informatics as Major Subject (B. Sc.)

The aim of the bachelor's major programme in informatics is to train computer scientists who are capable of modelling and implementing applications in a wide variety of fields of industry and society. The formal basics for professional training as computer scientist are provided in the field of mathematics through linear algebra, analysis and differential equations as well as statistics and stochastics. In the field of informatics the "canonical" subjects (algorithms and data structures, computer engineering, techniques of software project development, database systems, basic principles of theoretical informatics) are taught to provide sound training for the future professional career. This also holds the possibility to transfer to various master degree programmes in the field of informatics. With regard to the vocational qualification, particular attention is drawn to the project-oriented module software project and the bachelor's thesis. In addition to the modules "object-oriented programming" and "software engineering", practical skills in programming are also imparted within the modules "algorithms and data structures" (imperative and functional programming) and computer engineering (for example machineoriented programming with C, assembly language programming).

Module Structure  (Matriculation from Winter Semester 2016/2017)

Module Structure Informatics as Major Subject


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