Biomechatronics (M. Sc.)

The Biomechatronics master's course jointly offered with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences deals with the analysis, conception and optimisation of mechatronic products by applying findings from living nature. From the engineer's point of view, this biologically inspired approach is an extension of his or her methodological repertoire. Examples can come from biology, medicine or psychology. With this, BioMechatronics takes up partial aspects of bionics and biomimetics. BioMechatronic systems are characterized by their ability to perceive their environment and to act resource-efficiently in it. An essential feature is their ability to adapt to changing and new tasks and environments.

Module Structure  (Matriculation for the Winter Semester)

Modulübersicht Biomechatronik Einschreibung im WiSe

Module Structure  (Matriculation for the Summer Semester)

Modulübersicht Biomechatronik Einschreibung im SoSe


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