Research projects

Current Projects

Time Title Researchers
1.2.2008 – („Ex sancto quodlibet. A religio-sociological study on the causes and means of the authenticity of institutionalized and non-institutionalized religions in the context of the positive peace approach in Bosnia-Herzegovina“ (Dissertation) Leif-Hagen Seibert
1.7.2008 – Religious Identities and Strategies in the Practices of Bosnian Peace Builders (Dissertation) Patrick Hahne
1.6.2008 – Theology of Reconciliation Axel Stockmeier
1.5.2008 – Ecumenical Christian Churches in Regions of Conflict (Post-Doc.) Dr. Gert Rüppell
1.10.2007 – Conflict Mediation in Schools (Research on techning) Heinrich Schäfer, Heinz Streib, Mechthild Stockmeier
15.11.2011 – 14.11.2014 The Religious Identity Politics of Pentecostalism. On the connection between socio-positional religious differentiation and transnational networking as exemplified by Guatemala and Nicaragua Heinrich Schäfer,
Adrián Tovar,
Tobias Reu
1.4.2008 Religious Identity, Social Structure, Transnationality: The Strategies of Latin American Pentecostalism as exemplified by Guatemala (Dissertation) Adrián Tovar
1.1.2003 – Contextual Pneumatology (Long-term research field) Heinrich Schäfer
1.1.2002 – Methodological-Communitarian Ethics of Peace (Long-term research field) Heinrich Schäfer, Leif Seibert, Patrick Hahne
1.1.2002 – Conflict Mediation and Mediation in Schools Heinrich Schäfer


Completed Projects

Time Title Researchers
1.1.2006 – 1.5.2007 Comparison of Islamic and US-American Fundamentalism Heinrich Schäfer
.7.2007 – 1.10.2008 Pentecostalism in Latin America and Worldwide (Bertelsmann Religionsmonitor) Heinrich Schäfer
1.4.2007 - 8.2013 Religious Tastes – On Religious Preferences and Social Contexts, Using the Example of Religious Conversion to Pentecostalism in Buenos Aires Jens Köhrsen
1.7.2008 – 1.7.2009 E Pluribus Unum? – Identity Politics in the Americas (ZiF Forschungsgruppe) Heinrich Schäfer, Adrián Tovar
1.7.2008 – 1.7.2010 The Ethos of Religious Peace Builders(DFG) Schäfer, Streib, Seibert , Hahne