Prof. Dr. Dr. Heinrich Schäfer



Research Staff

Dr. Friede Magloire Youmba-Batana

Research project: Messianic Process and Gods’s Heirs in the World. A theoretical approach to identity construction among Black Jews and African Diasporas in the 21 st Century.


Köhrsen, Jens, M.A., Dipl.-Sozialwissenschaftler (Social Scientist)

Fields of Activity: Doctoral studies on religious transitioners in Buenos Aires. Doctoral fellowship from the {Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes} (German National Academic Foundation)
Stipendiat der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

Jenskoe [at]


Rüppell, Gert Dr.

Fields of Activity: Teaching on ecumenism and history of mission[JR4]. Research project on ecumenical Christian churches in regions of conflict

gert.rueppell [at]


Leif-Hagen Seibert, Mag.

Responsibilites: Researcher on the project “The Ethos of Religious Peace Builders”, theory of religion, peace ethics

leif.seibert [at]


Tobias Reu

Tobias Reu

Postdoctoral Researcher in the DFG funded project „Religious Identity Politics of the Pentecostal Movement: Social and Religious Differentiation, and Transnational Networks at the Example of Guatemala and Nicaragua – a Comparison in the Synchronous Dimension“.



Zrinka Stimac, Dr. des.

Fields of Activity: Scientific Assistant in the project "The Ethos of religious Peacemakers"

z.stimac [at]


Axel Stockmeier, B.A.

Fields of Activity: Teaching on church history; Doctoral studies on theology of reconciliation, moraltheology, mediation

axel.stockmeier [at]


Stockmeier, Mechthild, R.A.

Fields of Activity: Teaching on conflict mediation

info [at]


Adrián Tovar Simoncic, M.S., Lic.

Fields of Activity: Researcher on the project “The Religious Identity Politics of Pentecostalism. On the connection between socio-positional religious differentiation and transnational networking as exemplified by Guatemala and Nicaragua”, theory of religion, identity theory.
Assistant lecturer for the seminar “Religion, Politics and Society in Latin America. From liberation theology to the new religious movements.” (Schäfer/Büschges WS 2008)

atovar [at]


Student Assistants

Elena Rambaks

Education: Protestant theology (since 2005), sociology (since 2007)

Interests: Fundamentalism, peace work, Pentecostalism, Protestant dogmatic theology

Responsibilities: Assistance with research on Pentecostalism

ERambaks [at]

Hannah Schulz

Education: Protestant theology and sociology (since 2007)

Interests: Friedenspädagogik, Interreligiöses Lernen, Systematische Theologie, Fundamentalismen

Responsibilities: Literaturverwaltung und Recherche

hannah.schulz [at]

Stephanie Zantvoort

Eucation: Protestant theology and history (since 2007), sociology (since 2008)

Interests: Church history and systematic theology; history of ideas of modernity, sociology

Responsibilities: Assistance with faculty research

szantvoort [at]

Department-wide Staff

Julia Geisweid

Education: Protestant theology and history (since 2006), University of Heidelberg (2006-2007) and University of Bielefeld (since 2007)

Interests: Reformation, biblical hermeneutics, pedagogy of peace, religion and violence

Responsibilities: Bibliographical assistance, secretarial assistance

jgeisweid [at]


Man Joon Kim

Fields of Activity: Pentecostalism in Korea, Pneumatology

yedaye [at]