Research Projects

1. Biographical Studies in Contemporary Religion

1.1 Current Projects

Time Title Researchers
2017 - 2020 Longitudinal Study of Religious Styles Development in U.S.A. and Germany B. Keller, R. Bullik, H. Streib, R.W.Hood (UTC), M. Durham (UTC)

1.2 Completed Projects

Time Title Researchers
2014 - 2017 Longitudinal Study of Religious Development in U.S.A. and Germany B. Keller, T. Coleman (UTC), H. Streib, R.W.Hood (UTC)

2011 - 2015 

Xenosophia and xenophobia in and between the Abrahamitic religions H.Streib; C. Klein
2008 - 2015 Inter-Generational Comparison of Religiosity of Turkish-Islamic Immigrant Families S.Özisik's dissertation project, H. Streib (Advisor)
2011 - 2014 Adolscents and Their Readiness for Mediation H.Streib and student team
2009 - 2012 Bielefeld-based Cross-cultural Study on "Spirituality" H.Streib, B.Keller (Bielefeld), R.W.Hood,Jr., C.Silver (Chattanooga)
2009 - 2010 Religious Styles and Schemata H. Streib
2009 - 2010 Adolescent's Views of Death and Dying C. Klein, H. Streib
2009 - 2011 Xenophobia, Xenosophia and Readiness for Interreligious Dialog C. Klein, H. Streib
2002 - 2006 Bielefeld-based Cross-cultural Study of Deconversion H. Streib, Bielefeld; R.W. Hood, Chattanooga; B. Keller, Bielefeld; Rosina-Martha Csöff, Bielefeld; Christopher F. Silver, Chattanooga; ... and a great team of (doctoral) students in the USA
2002 - 2003 Interreligious Learning Processes H. Streib (Project Leader)
2001 - 2010 Religious Development and Socialization of Islamic Adolescents in Germany and Turkey A. Aygün's dissertation project, Streib (Advisor)
2001 - 2005 Children's Religious Drawings II M. Wiedmaier's Dissertation Project; H.Streib (Advisor); K.-O. Kahrmann (Advisor)
2000 - 2010 Adolescent Melancholia S.Rauschner's dissertation project; H. Streib (Advisor)
1997 - 2001 Children's Religious Drawings H.Streib (Project Leader), M. Wiedmaier
1996 - 2001 Religiosity and Right Wing Extremism S. v. Hoyningen-Huene's Dissertation project
1996 - 1998 Christian-Fundamentalist Biographies H.Streib (Project Leader) & Research Team
1996 - 1998 Ways of Dis-Enchantment (Fascination with the Occult) H. Streib, Bielefeld & A. Schöll, Comenius-Institut, Münster

2. Sociology of Religion, Systematic Theology

2.1 Current Projects

Time Title Researchers
1.7.2008 – Religious Identities and Strategies in the Practices of Bosnian Peace Builders (Dissertation) Patrick Hahne
1.6.2008 – Theology of Reconciliation Axel Stockmeier
1.5.2008 – Ecumenical Christian Churches in Regions of Conflict (Post-Doc.) Dr. Gert Rüppell
1.10.2007 – Conflict Mediation in Schools (Research on techning) Heinrich Schäfer, Heinz Streib, Mechthild Stockmeier
15.11.2011 – 14.11.2014 Religious faith and social presence: Pentecostal movement and other religious actors in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Heinrich Schäfer,
Adrián Tovar,
Tobias Reu
1.4.2008 Religious Identity, Social Structure, Transnationality: The Strategies of Latin American Pentecostalism as exemplified by Guatemala (Dissertation) Adrián Tovar
1.1.2003 – Contextual Pneumatology (Long-term research field) Heinrich Schäfer
1.1.2002 – Methodological-Communitarian Ethics of Peace (Long-term research field) Heinrich Schäfer, Leif Seibert, Patrick Hahne
1.1.2002 – Conflict Mediation and Mediation in Schools Heinrich Schäfer

2.2 Completed Projects

Time Title Researchers
1.1.2006 – 1.5.2007 Comparison of Islamic and US-American Fundamentalism Heinrich Schäfer
.7.2007 – 1.10.2008 Pentecostalism in Latin America and Worldwide (Bertelsmann Religionsmonitor) Heinrich Schäfer
1.4.2007 – 8.2013 Religious Tastes – On Religious Preferences and Social Contexts, Using the Example of Religious Conversion to Pentecostalism in Buenos Aires Jens Köhrsen
1.2.2008 – 3.12.2013 Religious credibility under fire. A praxeological analysis of the determinants of religious legitimacy in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina Leif H. Seibert
1.7.2008 – 1.7.2009 E Pluribus Unum? – Identity Politics in the Americas (ZiF Forschungsgruppe) Heinrich Schäfer, Adrián Tovar
1.7.2008 – 1.6.2011 The Ethos of Religious Peace Builders(DFG) Schäfer, Streib, Seibert, Štimac (seit 2009), Hahne (bis 2009)

3. Religious Studies

3.1 Current Projects

Zeit Titel Forscher

3.2 Completed Projects

Zeit Titel Forscher
1.7.2008 – 1.6.2011 The Ethos of Religious Peace Builders(DFG) Schäfer, Streib, Seibert, Štimac (seit 2009), Hahne (bis 2009)
  Dissertation im Rahmen des DFG Graduiertenkollegs 1412, "Kulturelle Orientierungen und gesellschaftliche Ordnungsstrukturen" Štimac

Former Projects

Zeit Titel Forscher
2005 – 2006 Muslimische Gruppierungen in Deutschland. Forschungs- und Arbeitsprojekt mit Studenten der Universität Hannover; gefördert durch die Dr. Buhmann-Stiftung, Hannover. Wunn
2005 – 2007 Muslimische Gruppierungen in Deutschland Wunn, Schmitz, Aries, Mohagheghi et al.
  Muslime in Deutschland: Tendenzen und Entwicklungen Aries, Wunn
  Interreligiöser Dialog im Religionsunterricht Rohrbeck, DeBruyn, Becker, Wunn
2010 – 2011 Islamischer Feminismus. Forschungsprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Mualla Selçuk, Universität Ankara. Wunn, Selçuk