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The Concept

The association has numerous offers for international students, scientists and scholars, which are:

Finding hosts and host families

This project addresses all international students, scientists and scholars who would like to have a more profound experience with German culture and people, and who want to get to know their new place of study better. ViSiB finds host families or couples who are interested in regular meetings and an intercultural exchange.
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Bicycle rental service

ViSiB offers the possibility for foreign students, scientists and scholars to rent a bicycle for the duration of max. 1 year. The offer is free of charge, but one has to pay a deposit of 50 €.
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Alternative programme of leisure activities

Every semester, we offer a varied programme of leisure activities developed to expedite the intercultural exchange between the nations. At lectures, cultural events, company visits, sporting events or trips to other locations there are many opportunities for getting to know each other.

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Financial support in case of emergencies

In exeptional cases, international students, scientists and scholars can receive financial support. It should be only in cases of emergency where other sources of support are unavailable (in time).
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