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Aims of the Association

At the present time, there are about 1700 international students from over 90 countries who are living and studying in Bielefeld, and around 150 international scientists and scholars who are giving lectures or doing research at Bielefeld's universities. Apart from language problems, which are usually overcome quickly, they face numerous problems in their daily life: questions of accomodation, financial problems, adjusting to life in a new surrounding and to a new culture create challenges that must be met.

The association's purpose has since 1985 been the support of international students, scientists and scholars at Bielefeld's universities.

For this reason the association aims to:

  • help international students, scientists and scholars in Bielefeld with their questions and concerns,
  • place international students, scientists and scholars with hosts and host families from the region,
  • support them in financial emergencies,
  • offer practical support with problems they face during their studies or in their every day life,
  • propose a varied programme of leisure and cultural activities which focus on NRW.

The guidelines of the association's work can be found in the Articles of Association(German document).