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Most research endeavors at the Chair of Innovation and Technology Management can be attribute to one (or several) of the following fields of research:

  • Management of research and development (e.g., R&D project selection and resource allocation)
  • Market diffusion of innovations and technologies (e.g., planning the market introduction of new products, multi-generation technology succession, path dependencies in the development of dominant designs)
  • Economic implications of smart products (e.g., corresponding business model innovations, smartness barriers)
  • Technology transfer between universities and industry, in particular academic patenting (e.g., incentives for scientists)
  • Market development for two-sided digital platforms.

In order to address these issues we resort to various methods:

  • Agent-based market simulation (as, for instance, has been the case in research projects QuaSiMoDI, MCCE, MOSES3, and itsowl-VorZug)
  • Quantitative empirical studies (e.g., by using subjects from mTurk)
  • Qualitative empirical studies (e.g., interviews and/or case studies)
  • Mathematical modeling of real-world problems and (interactive) decision support; alternative solutions also may be identified through (multi-objective) meta-heuristic solution procedures (e.g., Tabu Search, GA, ACO).

Research questions typically are related to innovation and technology management. Sometimes, however, we also investigate relevant aspects in other fields such as in e-business, IT management, or healthcare management.

We also highly welcome cooperations with industry / businesses if this involves an interesting research issue -- which more often than not is the case. Such a cooperation also allows for demonstrating the applicability of our research outcomes (e.g., market simulations, decision support systems) which is of particular value when publishing these results.