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Statistics as a discipline is goal-oriented and universal. Its task spectrum ranges from empirical surveys and experiments to methodological, mathematical research.

Important key areas of application are medicine and biometrics as well as economics and econometrics. Besides, statistical methods have found their way into a variety of other areas such as sociology, psychology, demography, epidemiology, insurance and many more. The broad spectrum demonstrates that contemporary statistics is versatile and interdisciplinary. Therefore, adequate statistical knowledge can be regarded as a key skill to succeed in areas where data is used for decision-making or controlling.

The Centre for Statistics (ZeSt) aims at emphasising the central role of statistics in teaching, research and practical application at Bielefeld University.

Further information on the aims, initiatives and responsibilities of the Centre is available on the following pages.


Vortrag im ZeSt

Am 07.07.2020 trägt Prof. Dr. Kevin Tierney im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des ZeSt vor. Weiter....

9. Nachwuchsworkshop des ZeSt

Weitere Informationen zum Nachwuchsworkshop finden Sie hier.

Bewerbungszeitraum Masterstudiengang Statistische Wissenschaften

Die Bewerbungsfrist für das Wintersemester 2020/21 beginnt am 1.6.2020 und endet voraussichtlich am 20.8.2020. Internationale Bewerber können sich bis zum 31.7.2020 bewerben. Weiter...