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The Centre for Statistics aims to pave the way in establishing statistics as a central and key discipline. Its purpose is to bring together statisticians and empirical researchers of all disciplines in a virtual unit, the Centre for Statistics. Alongside the desired synergising effect that the centralisation of statistics will bring, the particular disciplinary orientations will be preserved.
The Centre therefore covers the entire scope of statistics, represented by:

The competence concentrated at the prospective Centre for Statistics will be used in various ways to the advantage of Bielefeld University. Firstly, the cluster will create new research incentives based on the core discipline of statistics. In this way, the group evolves almost naturally, and successful applications for third party funding are to be anticipated.

anwesende Personen bei der Gründung des ZeSt

Rektor (in pension) and Chancellor (in pension) of Bielefeld University with the founding members at the grounding of the Centre for Statistics (from left: Chancellor Hans-Jürgen Simm (in pension), PD Dr. Jürgen Flöthmann, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Götze, Dr. Ursula Berger, Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt, Rektor Dieter Timmermann (in pension), Prof. Dr. Reinhold Decker, Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann, Prof. Mark Stemmler Ph.D.)


Vortrag im ZeSt

Am 07.07.2020 trägt Prof. Dr. Kevin Tierney im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des ZeSt vor. Weiter....

9. Nachwuchsworkshop des ZeSt

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Bewerbungszeitraum Masterstudiengang Statistische Wissenschaften

Die Bewerbungsfrist für das Wintersemester 2020/21 beginnt am 1.6.2020 und endet voraussichtlich am 20.8.2020. Internationale Bewerber können sich bis zum 31.7.2020 bewerben. Weiter...