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Consulting for non-educational institutions and medical research

For non-educational institutions and medical research, we offer a complete paying consulting service for statistical projects. We will help with the choice of statistical method as well as with statistical analysis for example for clinical trials. We can help with the planning and method of analysis of the quantitative part of medical doctoral thesis.

Depending on the size of the project, we can offer consulting charged at an hourly rate or agree on a fixed price.

Collaboration for a clinical trial or other medical studies implies for us a participation in the writing of articles with co-authorship and, in case of a grant application, a participation in the project with a part-time position.

Do you have an interesting project for which our statistical expertise could be of any help? Please contact us by email (statbece@uni-bielefeld.de) or contact Dr. Odile Sauzet for a free appointment to discuss your project and the costs of our involvement.



Dr. Odile Sauzet

Raum V9 - 132
Telefon: +49 521 106-4876
Fax: +49 521 106-89004

Email: statbece@uni-bielefeld.de


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