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Evaluation of the counseling center for education agencies EBB

About the project

The EBB (ebb-niederrhein.de) as a supporter of youth welfare is aiming to establish a full-time care referring to § 33 Satz 2 SGB VIII for children and adolescences with particularly retarded development. The institution stands as a companion for different actors within the scope of a help process (Education agencies, children and adolescents, youth welfare office, families). Evaluating the offering the EBB in respect to the user satisfaction is the main object of the project. Furthermore, the satisfaction of the accompanied families of education agencies with the offering of the EBB is elicited. The evaluation-survey takes place within the framework of a process-oriented cutting (formative evaluation). The results will be connected to the counseling process and considered with its potential suggested improvements and critical points with regard to the necessities of the education agencies in the offering of the EBB. Thus, this contributes to a validation and quality assurance of the education agencies counseling institutions performance and helps in the improvement of the offering.



The qualitative guideline catalogue are operationalized and participants are involved in a Pre-Test. The survey partners are chosen randomly. The employees of the Center for Prevention and Intervention conduct, record and transcribe the qualitative guideline-interviews. Relative open questions give the survey partners the opportunity too express their own thematically relevance. The structure of the guideline catalogue facilitates the interviewer to understand the most important aspects. The evaluation takes place by means of category constituted methods. The results are expected in March 2013.

About the project



Prof. Dr. Ullrich Bauer (Project Management)
Michael Rehder M.A. (Operational management)
Katrin Linthorst M.A.

Project duration

September 2012 - März 2013