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Sozialgenial - Students are engaged

Background and Objective

In November 2012 the ‘‘Aktive Bürgerschaft e.V.‘‘ (www.aktive-buergerschaft.de) and the Socialization Research Unit decided on the implementation of a qualitative research project at the Center of Prevention in Essen. Object of the investigation of Service.learning projects in the member schools of the ’’Aktiven Bürgerschaft’’ conducted initiative „sozialgenial – Schüler engagieren sich [Students are engaged]" (www.sozialgenial.de). This initiative enables students of all school and school types in North Rhine-Westphalia to participate in Service-Learning projects. ‘‘Sozialgenial‘‘ reports exemplarily about the engagement, supports and connects schools and project partners and confers a distinction on the students.

The qualitative case-related and case-compared survey asks specifically for factors and constellations at school, in class and outside school relevant for the realization of Service-Learning projects. Which conditions of the successful realization of projects can be seen as general accepted? In how far do standards differ as well as conditions of successful project realization depending on school type and according to which project variables and factors these differences are presented? Which areas of tension and snares have to be considered in the realization of Service-learning at schools? These questions will be investigated in respect to the "Lighthouse Projects’’

Further Information

+Methodology and Approach

The Guideline-based interviews with the headmaster, the project partners, the teacher as well as a group of students of four schools are content-analytical evaluated. The focus will be placed on comparing steps of evaluation -Participant of school project/ longitudinal and cross-comparison of projects, to highlight significant and typical characteristics.

Sample: Four schools and their Service Learning projects
Verbundschule Möhnesee

(Sekundarstufe I mit Real- u. Hauptschulzweig)
„Waldprojekt Tretbecken“
Marie-Curie-Realschule Bottrop „Patenschaft für die Skateanlage im Ehrenpark“
Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium Hürth „Jung hilft Alt - Aktiv trotz Demenz“
Elisabeth-Lüders-Berufskolleg Hamm

(Berufliches Gymnasium für Gesundheit, Erziehung und Soziales)
„Ehrenamtliches Engagement“ in einer selbst ausgesuchten Institution

The task gives us room for a descriptive and illustrative presentation of succeeded projects. ‘’The successful outcome’’ is investigated, to maximize the gaining knowledge fort the addresses of the survey – the ‘’ Aktive Bürgerschaft’’­, and schools and potential projects partners interested in Service-Learning. In the standards determination of ’’the successful outcome’’ not only the quality standards of the ‘‘ Aktiven Bürgerschaft’’, but also the linked practicability promises towards all participants are taken into account. In the research process the significant question arises, how the interviewed people interpret and demand these promises. To illustrate the standards of a ‘’successful outcome’’, the interviews are not only evaluated according the reported structures and procedures, but also in respect to an individual definition and assignments of responsibility for a ‘’successful outcome.’’ The perspective of students is regarded as the most important – but possibly underestimated- corrective for the explanation of Service-learning. The students are sensitive towards, in how far the promises of recognition, support and development options are realized, and they interpret these from their own living situation and structure of relevance.



About the Project



Prof. Ullrich Bauer
Stephan Drucks
Inci Ellen Özmut
Gesa Schröder
Yasmine Souhil

Project duration

November 2012 – June 2013