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Dr. Dirk Bruland

Dirk Bruland
Researcher (HLCA Project TEACHER-MHL)

About Dirk Bruland

Ph.D. in Educational Science, M.Sc. in Public Health

Since March 2015: Junior Researcher at the Health Literacy in Childhood and Adolescence Consortium (HLCA) – subproject Teacher Mental Health Literacy (Teacher MHL). The primary objective of the subproject is to assess the pupil-related mental health literacy of teachers at schools, with a focus on knowledge about children's living conditions and psycho-social strains.

Former Researcher at the project Familiale Pflege unter den Bedingungen der G-DRG's (familial care under the terms of the German-DRGs) – Faculty of Educational Sciences at Bielefeld University. In the context of implementation of the model program the main objective was advising care directorates and care managers.

Academic Experience: Doctorate at the Department of Educational Science at Bielefeld University: the dissertation dealt with the topic of pedagogical basics of social work in child and adolescent psychiatry. M.Sc. in Public Health and certified social pedagogue (University of Applied Sciences; focus on child and adolescent psychiatry, particularly on education and child development in clinical settings as well as on psycho-social risk factors.

Selected Publications

  • Bruland, D; Timimi S.; Tetley D. (2015): Outcome Orientated Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (OO-CAMHS). Kinder und Jugendliche bewerten ihre Therapie. In: PSYCH.PFLEGE HEUTE. Die Zeitschrift für Pflegepraxis und psychische Gesundheit 01/15
  • Ward, M; Schulz, M.; Bruland, D.; Löhr, M. (2014): A Systematic Review of Antonovsky’s Sense of Coherence Scale and Its Use in Studies Among Nurses: Implications for Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. In: Journal of Psychiatric Nursing 05/14, S.61-71
  • Bruland, D und Schulz, M (2010): Gesundheitsförderung von Pflegekräften. Nur ein "Zeitfresser" oder zwingend erforderlich? In PSYCH.PFLEGE HEUTE - Die Zeitschrift für Pflegepraxis und psychische Gesundheit 06/10, S.293-297
  • Bruland, D und Schulz, M (2010): Das Konzept der Salutogenese. Zentral für die Gesundheitsförderung der Pflege. In PSYCH.PFLEGE HEUTE - Die Zeitschrift für Pflegepraxis und psychische Gesundheit 06/10, S.289-292
  • Schulz, M und Bruland, D (2009): Was macht uns Gesund? Salutogenese und Pflege. In PADUA - Pflege anders denken und ausbilden 03/09, S.44-48



Patricia Wahl (Graf), Alexandra Fretian and Ullrich Bauer talk about "Tabooing and stgmatization of mental illness" in the Jugendhilfereport 02.19

Evaluation of the IGEL program - results: Effectiveness of a school-based intervention to prevent child sexual abuse (Czerwinski et al.) Download

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New publications

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