Entangled Americas

Entangled Americas

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Entrevista con Olaf Kaltmeier, en la que se discute la refeudalización de América Latina, el Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Avanzados Maria Sybilla Merian, CALAS y la importancia de la música como objeto de investigación.



Como parte del proyecto conjunto CALAS, es posible solicitar varios formatos de financiamiento. Para más información, consulte las invitaciones a las Cátedra Alemania y Plataforma para el Diálogo . Las fechas límite son el 15-11- 2019 (Cátedra Alemania) y el 03-11-2019 (Plataforma para el Diálogo).



The colonial heritage and its renewed aftermaths ? expressed in the inter-American experiences of slavery, indigeneity, dependence, and freedom movements, to mention only a few aspects ? form a common ground of experience in the Western Hemisphere. The flow of peoples, goods, knowledge and finances have promoted interdependence and integration that cut across borders and link the countries of North and South America together. The nature of this transversally related and multiply interconnected region can only be captured through a transnational, multidisciplinary, and comprehensive approach.

The Routledge Handbook to the History and Society of the Americas explores the history and society of the Americas, placing particular emphasis on collective and intertwined experiences. It covers a range of concepts and dynamics in the Americas:

  • The shared histories and dynamics of Inter-American relationships are considered through pre-Hispanic empires, colonization, European hegemony, migration, multiculturalism, and political and economic interdependences.
  • Key concepts are selected and explored from different geopolitical, disciplinary, and epistemological perspectives.
  • Highlighting the contested character of key concepts that are usually defined in strict disciplinary terms, the Handbook provides the basis for a better and deeper understanding of inter-American entanglements.

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