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  • Bielefeld

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Conquer Bielefeld

Bielefeld grows on you. When you have experienced living in the regional centre of Ostwestfalen-Lippe you won't be in a hurry to leave. The following services are available while you settle in and even fall in love with the city of Bielefeld.

In comparison to the whole of NRW, Bielefeld's rental index is a little under the region's average. To help you with your search for your dream home, you can get help from housing associations in Bielefeld, such as the BGW Bielefeld and the Freie Scholle.
Once arrived in Bielefeld, you can arrange all formalities of your stay at the Residents' Service Office (Bürgerberatung).

Many issues can be resolved online without much bureaucracy – by using the online-city services, from refuse collection calendars to personalised number plates.

Well integrated into transport networks, Bielefeld is conveniently located and offers easy access to the A2 and A33 motorways. You can reach the North Sea, Rhineland or the Harz area in just two and a half hours.
It is just as easy to get around Bielefeld: with CarSharing you can hire the right vehicle for any purpose. Alternatively, why not leave the car behind? You can reach your destination quickly by using the buses and trams run by moBiel, Bielefeld's public transport provider. If you are not put off by the foothills of the Ravensberg Hills (Bielefeld lies at their southern edge) you can get on your bike and take advantage of the extensive network of cycle paths passing through green transport corridors.

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