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Call for projects

The anniversary year is a fantastic opportunity to show who we are to a broader public. In addition to the central events programme, we wish to fill the anniversary year with projects “from the University”: projects from faculties, academic departments, working groups, administrative and service facilities, student initiatives – with your projects!

To make this happen the projects will be funded through our anniversary project pool. You can either come up with an open project for the anniversary celebrations or a project aimed at the street festival. For both variants, there is a project call: for open projects in April 2018, for street festival projects in autumn 2018.

If you are planning an open anniversary project, apply for funding up to €7,000. The call will run from 16 April until 8 June 2018.

You can find all information on the application procedure here:

With which open projects and actions can I apply?

We set no limits on your creativity – whether exhibition, workshop, talk, reading, concert, party or something completely different. Your initiative should support our anniversary goals and address at least one of our target audiences. Projects and initiatives which involve students are desirable.

We would also welcome projects that work as an open project and can also be used for the street festival or projects that have lasting significance beyond the anniversary year and sustainably strengthen our positive reputation.

With which projects can I apply for the street festival?

The street festival will take place on Sunday 15 September 2019 between the campus and the city centre. On route, there will be different events taking place at different stations. We would love to see public science projects (similar to GENIALE) that address the broader public, families and children, making the University visible with its research, teaching, its cultural life or its voluntary initiatives, inviting people to take part, discover and get to know us. We are happy to advise you on developing your project for the street festival. Just send us an email to 50jahre@uni-bielefeld.de.

Who can apply with a project?

All University members can make a project application, whether they are researchers, teaching staff, students or technical or administrative staff. You may apply with your project as an individual, as a group or as an institution.

The respective faculty dean should have been notified of the project proposal. A signature from the dean on the application form is sufficient.

Can I get advice before applying for my project?

The project team would be happy to advise you on the development of your idea. Just write an email to us at 50jahre@uni-bielefeld.de and we will arrange an appointment with you!

How do I apply?

Quite simple: download the application form, fill it out and sent it to the project office (by mail or email):

Dr. Sarina Bornkessel
Consultant for University Communication
Communication office
Telephone: +49 521 106-67563
UHG U7-110

The following information is required for the application:

  • Brief description of planned project
  • Goals as well as target audience of project
  • Justification of suitability to the anniversary programme, your position on the following indicators:
    • External impact, public orientation
    • Fits to goals of the anniversary
    • Where applicable, representative for respective department, integrated into department
    • Involvement of students
  • Schedule
  • Budget (if applicable, stating the personal contribution if budget exceeds maximum funding amount through project pool)

When is the application deadline?

The call for open projects runs from 16 April to 8 June 2018.

The call for projects for the street festival will take place in Autumn. We will announce the exact dates.

How much is the funding?

The funding for the open projects is staggered. We allocate two awards of up to €7,000, three awards of up to €3,000 and seven awards or more of up to €1,000.

The funding for street festival projects is up to a maximum of €2,000 per project.

What can be funded, what cannot be supported?

Funding can be provided for material costs, student assistants (SHK), work contracts. Personnel may not be funded.

In addition, the following cannot be funded:

  • Conferences or publications
  • Formats, which are exclusively aimed at the research community
  • Events which were already planned and would also take place without the anniversary

Regularly held formats (for example, lecture series) can only be funded if they have a clear connection to the anniversary.

Which indicators are decisive?

The allocation indicators are not exclusion criteria and therefore do not necessarily all have to be fulfilled. However, we recommend that you include at least four of the following indicators when planning your project:

  • External effect, public orientation
  • Fit to goals of the anniversary celebrations
  • Addressing at least one of the target groups of the anniversary
  • Representative of the respective department, integration in the department
  • Ratio cost/result
  • Originality
  • Sustainability
  • Involvement of students

A plausible time and budget plan is essential.

Who makes the decision about the funding?

The steering committee of the University anniversary year decides on the allocation of funding. The committee is made up of members from different status groups from the University: Rektor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer (chair), Chancellor Dr. Stephan Becker, the Head of the Communication Office Ingo Lohuis, a member from the circle of deans, a member of the Staff Council for Staff in Technology and Administration, a member of the Staff Council for Academic and Artistic Employees, a member of AstA (student union), a member of the alumni association and a member of the University Society Bielefeld. Associate members are representatives of the Centre of Aesthetics and Bielefeld Marketing GmbH.

When will I receive feedback on my application?

You will be informed about the result of your application around six to eight weeks after the deadline.

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University Anniversary

Dr. Sarina Bornkessel
Project Management / Communication
Tel: 0521-106 67563
Ute Kinzel
Event Management
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