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International guest lectureship programme of Bielefeld University

"The International Guest Lectureship Program of the Bielefeld University offers students, in the first place, the opportunity to interact in a different language, enriching their communication skills. The topics covered may be different than those commonly taught during the academic year, thus enhancing the student's overall general knowledge. Moreover, the program will allow for future collaborations between faculty and exchange of students between the two universities, with benefit for both sides."
Prof. Wachsmann-Hogiu, Guest Professor invited by Prof. Huser, Faculty of Physics



Bielefeld University has been committed to constantly advancing the process of internationalisation not only of research activities but also of study and teaching. In 2011, Bielefeld University launched its International guest lectureship programme in order to provide students with the opportunity to experience international learning and to gather intercultural competence. Professors of all faculties may propose lecturers from foreign universities to teach at Bielefeld University for a minimum of two weeks up to one semester. It is intended to introduce students to foreign curricula and methods as early as possible and to encourage them to take an interest in a visit abroad.



The international guest lectureship program is an ongoing call of Bielefeld University for international guest lecturers. Since winter semester 2018/19 there are no separate application rounds anymore, which means that applications are possible at any time. All lecturers of Bielefeld University receive an e-mail each semester about the opportunity to apply for the international guest lectureship program.
Further details on the programme can be found -> here
The IGD application form could be found here or on the -> German website of the programme.
The Welcome Centre provides useful information on important topics such as visa, work permit, accommodation, and arrival.


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