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Here you will find presentations that have been given or will be given in the future.

Event Location Date
MCAA General Assembly view presentation Vienna 25 February 2019
4th FlüGe Symposium: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Refugee Migration and Health. Read more and view poster Bielefeld 21-22 February 2019
BRiDGE 2nd Training for Refugee Researchers see trainings Thessaloniki February 2019
BRiDGE 1st Webinar for Refugee Researchers see trainings February 2019
Uniforum Diversität view poster Bielefeld January 2019
BRiDGE Step II Kick Off Meeting / 1st BRiDGE II Network Meeting/ 3rd Network Meeting for Researchers in Danger view presentation Bielefeld January 2019
Euraxess Germany view presentation Bonn November 2018
BRiDGE 1st Training for Refugee Researchers see trainings Sofia November 2018
ACA European Migration Policy Seminar view poster Brussels November 2018
EURAXESS TOP IV Kick Off Meeting view presentation Heraklion October 2018
S.U.C.RE. Final Multiplier Event view poster Thessaloniki October 2018
inHERE Final Conference view poster Brussels September 2018
Labour Market Integration of Migrants − A Multi-Stakeholder Approach Sofia September 2018
ViSiB Annual Reception Bielefeld July 2018
European Science Open Forum 2018 listen to highlights Toulouse July 2018
Happening in Zaimov Park (devoted to the International Day of the Refugees) Sofia June 2018
Living Library of UNHCR BG (International Day of the Refugees) Sofia June 2018
Official opening of Sofia U MA program (Refugee Integration) Sofia June 2018
RefuTools project meeting Sofia June 2018
2nd University Network Meeting for Refugee Researchers view presentation Bielefeld May 2018
8th UNHCR BG integration meeting Sofia May 2018
Euraxess Switzerland view presentation Zurich January 2018