Laborschule Bielefeld - Versuchsschule des Landes NRW an der Universität Bielefeld

Versuchsschule des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen an der Universität Bielefeld


Laborschule Bielefeld

The School

The Laborschule (literally: “laboratory school”) in Bielefeld is the state experimental school in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It was founded in 1974 along with the neighbouring Oberstufen-Kolleg, (Br: sixth form college, Am: senior high-school) according to the concept and under the leadership of founder and well-known educator, Hartmut von Hentig. The school has the task on the one hand of devising and developing new methods of teaching, learning and living together within the school environment, and testing these in a practical setting. On the other hand, it has an important theoretical task in making the results of these research developments available to the wider public.

Two establishments under one umbrella

The organisational structure of the school corresponds to the practical and theoretical nature of its task. It comprises of two establishments, which have different responsibilities that correspond to the different functions of the Laborschule.
The Laborschule as experimental school has a special educational profile, its task is to develop and test out new educational methods in a practical setting. Thus, it functions much like a laboratory.
The Scientific Institute of the Laborschule supervises and supports the development of these new educational methods, as well as evaluating them. This is where scientific and theoretical work in terms of reaching the wider public takes place.
There is a leadership group (Gemeinsame Leitung) containing key people from both the Laborschule and its Scientific Institute, who guide processes in both establishments.
Findings of the practical and theoretical pedagogical development work are documented in countless publications.
The Laborschule is further supervised in its pedagogical work by a “Scientific Advisory Board”. Their job involves the evaluation and consultation of the individual research projects (by Order of the Federal Government of North Rhine-Westphalia 24th October 1989).
The Laborschule is a founding member of the organisation “Blick über den Zaun”.

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