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Help us shape the new Medical School at Bielefeld University: interprofessional, future-oriented, diverse and strong in research and teaching

Bielefeld University stands for interdisciplinarity, high quality research and teaching, and the further development of a gender-equitable university culture. A wide variety of subjects, perspectives, and people work together in an interdisciplinary way to ensure innovative research and teaching at the highest level. The approximately 25,000 students have access to a differentiated range of subjects in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technology. In addition to its international orientation, Bielefeld University is excellently networked in the city and region, which is characterized by medium-sized companies.

At Bielefeld University, an innovative faculty of human medicine with an interdisciplinary individual and population medicine orientation is being established. Teaching is scheduled to begin in the winter semester 2021/22.

As holder of one of the first professorships, you will be significantly involved in the differentiation of the model course of studies in human medicine according to ÄApprO and will have the opportunity to apply innovative and sustainable concepts in medical education. Experience in the development and implementation of innovative teaching concepts is thus expressly desired.

The prerequisite for taking on the professorship advertised below is active participation in the development of the medical research profile (https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/fakultaeten/medizin/forschung-karriere/forschungsprofil) of Bielefeld University "Medicine for People with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases". Future research services should also take gender and diversity medicine aspects into account.

The Medical School is particularly committed to the early promotion of young scientists. To this end, it is expected to support and shape the corresponding curricular structures and to guide and support students in high-quality scientific work up to the structured doctoral degree of Dr. med. At the University Hospital OWL, an active and formative role in the implementation of the "clinician" and "advanced clinician scientist" programs is expected.

The training takes place in close cooperation with specialist clinics of various hospital operators in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) as well as with a network of general practitioners and regional university practices. The University Hospital OWL of Bielefeld University was founded with the three hospital operators of the University Hospital Network - Protestant Hospital Bethel, Bielefeld Hospital and Lippe Hospital.

Strengthening the research profile: "Medicine for people with disabilities and chronic diseases“

In order to strengthen and develop the promising research profile of "Medicine for People with Disabilities & Chronic Diseases", one professorship is to be filled in the near future, whose research orientation will make it possible to develop the field on a broad basis with different research focuses.

A W2 Tenure W2 endowed professorship "Medical Care for People with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases", funded by the C.D. Foundation in the Stifterverband, is being advertised. The professorship is intended to anchor the topic of health care for people with disabilities and chronic diseases in outpatient and clinical settings as well as in university research and teaching.

The following requirements apply to the appointment of the professorship: 
  • Personalities who are distinguished by their respective research achievements in the field of "Medicine for people with disabilities and chronic diseases" and who are able to represent the field in human medicine teaching
  • Publication activity and experience in the acquisition and management of third-party funded projects
  • Ideally experience in translational research
  • Willingness to contribute to the development of a strong research profile and to engage in research and teaching cooperations within the Medical School, but also across faculties
  • Willingness and motivation to help design an innovative medical curriculum in the sense of a model course of studies according to ÄApprO
  • Experience and commitment in the promotion of young talent

Endowed Professorship "Medical Care of People with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases" (W2 Tenure W2)

supported by the C.D. Foundation in the Stifterverband

The aim of the endowed professorship is to anchor the topic of health care for people with disabilities and chronic diseases in the outpatient and clinical sector as well as in university research and teaching. This is to be achieved through close cooperation with hospitals, care institutions and outpatient practices in the OWL region. In addition to the transfer of science to practice, the evidence base, method development and theory building - with special consideration of diversity and gender aspects - are central to the topic. As the holder of one of the first professorships of this kind in Germany, you will play a decisive role in the differentiation of the model course of study in human medicine at Bielefeld University and will thus have the opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable teaching with great creative freedom.

The professorship cooperates closely with the working group "Sustainable Environmental Health Sciences" of the founding dean Prof. Dr. med. Claudia Hornberg. As the holder of the position, you will work closely with the founding dean, the scientists and lecturers from other disciplines as well as from the clinical and private practice areas in the establishment of the Medical School OWL. You participate in the development of an innovative field of research as well as interdisciplinary and interprofessional research networks. In terms of close interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation in the care of people with disabilities and chronic diseases, cooperation with representatives of the various health care professions and medical disciplines is a central task of the professorship. The use of existing and the establishment of new cooperations with care facilities in the region is to be strived for.

In terms of translational research, the professorship will not only focus on clinical research topics but will also establish projects in cooperation with general practitioners.

Teaching will include, in particular, courses on clinical thought and action, gender and diversity as well as various thematically suitable thematic blocks of the model study program. 

The appointment is made - according to the qualification, experience and personal requirements of the applicant- according to W2 Tenure W2. The professorship is funded for 5 years by the C.D. Foundation in the Stifterverband. After a successful evaluation, a permanent position is planned.

Your profile complementing the general requirements:

  • University degree in human medicine, relevant doctorate and additional scientific achievements as well as the qualification as a medical specialist.
  • Activity in inpatient care with a focus on medical care, especially for vulnerable and multimorbid patients with disabilities and chronic diseases. Further qualification/training in the field of disability medicine is desirable.
  • Proven experience in conducting and monitoring clinical trials and/or health services research studies and in researching the interaction of disability and chronic diseases with personal and environmental factors.
  • Willingness to develop innovative fields of research as well as interdisciplinary and interprofessional research networks in the field of medicine for people with disabilities and chronic diseases.
  • Readiness to advise the clinical disciplines in the network hospitals or research and teaching practices of the university.
  • Willingness to participate in further education and training measures.
  • Networking with national and international professional associations in the context of people with disabilities.

For the appeal:

The process of building up the Faculty of Human Medicine at Bielefeld University offers a great deal of scope and is associated with many challenges. We would like to offer this professorship to people who will creatively and ambitiously help shape this development in research and teaching. In addition, committed involvement in the academic self-administration of the University is part of the task profile. The teaching load comprises 4 LVS or 9 LVS according to § 5 Abs. 3 LVV or § 3 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 LVV from the start of the study program. The requirements for employment are in accordance with § 36 HG.

Applications from suitable severely disabled persons and persons with disabilities of equal status are expressly encouraged.
Bielefeld University has received several awards for its success in equal opportunities and is certified as a family-friendly university. The University pursues a committed policy of equal opportunities, among other things with regard to the appointment of professorships, and would like to expressly invite qualified female applicants to submit an application. Applications are treated in accordance with the State Equality Act. The Faculty considers equality between women and men to be an important task, and the future jobholder will be involved in its implementation.

Bielefeld University promotes dual career couples and supports them with a range of services to help them create a common place of work and life.

Please submit your application by 24.09.2020 via the online appointment portal of the Medical School: https://berufungen-medizin.uni-bielefeld.de/

In addition to the usual application documents and information, we ask you to submit a 2-page teaching and research concept that refers both to the planned profile of the faculty and to previous relevant experience. The concept paper should also include current and/or future gender- and diversity-specific content relevant to the advertised professorship. In addition, we expect a brief outline of your planned equal opportunities activities, especially with regard to the promotion of young female scientists and the compatibility of career and family.  


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