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Willkommen beim Houbi Aktivmobil

What is Houbi?

houbi mobil Houbi (Hochschulsport Universität Bielefeld) is a cost free offer for you to take a break of studying by doing some short and individual sport exercises and get connected to other people on the campus. If the weather permits you?ll find Houbi outside, otherwise Houbi is inside near the Westend. Houbi contains different sports equipment you can use by your own or along with one or more persons. The cargo bike is rid by our training supervisors. They will help you with the material and any question you have about Houbi. Besides they like to be your game partner.

How to lend the material

houbi mobil To lend the sports equipment you just need to hand out your valid student card as a deposit to our trainer. As soon as you give back the lent equipment you?ll get your card back.

Was muss ich sonst noch wissen?

houbi mobil
  • You don?t need any sportswear
  • Houbi is a cost free offer by University Sport as a part of health promotion
  • You cand find Houbi every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2 o?clock pm to 4 o?clock pm on the Campus between the main building and the building X

For any further question about Houbi you can call 0521 106-67583 or visit us in the main building in E0-146.

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