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Support of Elite Sports


Elite sports and studies / Partner University of Elite Sport

On 28.07.2003 Bielefeld University signed an agreement as "Partner University of Elite Sports" together with the adh, the Olympic Centre Westphalia and the Studentenwerk (Association for Student Affairs) Bielefeld. This contract is valid for athletes who are affiliated to national teams (A, B or C). It should now be easier for these students to successfully combine academic goals with a sporting career simultaneously (e.g. a better coordination of training and competition schedule with application deadlines or examination dates in order to help counter disadvantages. Furthermore, teaching staff should be encouraged to show increased acceptance and understanding for the dual burden faced by these students.

Elite athletes who wish to take advantage of these special provisions have to commit to the contract in person and take on obligations listed in the agreement. In doing so, considerations and obligations of both parties are agreed to, which help build a close and intensive collaboration between all institutions and individuals involved. More detailed information is available in the "fact sheet on Elite Sports":

->Fact Sheet on Elite Sports(in German)PDF-Dokument

For further information on high performance sports please contact Mr Marc Samson-Baudisch (Managing Director of University Sports) tel. +49 (0)521 106 6152 or Mr Timo Lorenz on: +49 (0)521 106 6112 or on the Internet at:

->ADH -> Projects -> Partner University of University Sports


Application, admission and enrolment:

->Jörg Vos, tel.+49 (0)5 21/1 06 34 10, (


Right of examination:

->Bastian Simon, tel.+49 (0)5 21/1 06 52 21, (


University representative for student elite athletes:

->Rektor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Sagerer