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German courses for international employees and students in subjects (mainly) taught in English

Intensive courses (summer semester 2021):

12 March - 9 April 2021

Mon - Fri / 8.30 a.m. to 12 a.m./2 hours a day via zoom

Placement tests:

Mandatory registration for the courses ONLY in eKVV for all participants

Semester-long courses (summer semester 2021):

12 April 2021 - 23 July 2021

2x2 teaching units a week/2 hours a week via zoom/ various dates (see eKVV)

Zoom link: you will receive the zoom invitation links from your teachers via e-mail on 9 April 2021

Mandatory registration for the courses ONLY in eKVV for all participants

Conditions of participation

The following people are eligible for our German courses:

  • students of Bielefeld University
  • employees of Bielefeld University as well as their spouses
  • students of our cooperation partners (language assistants)

Exchange students please register in the International Office (erasmus-initiative@uni-bielefeld.de) an.

If you are not currently attending in one of our German courses and would like to participate in a course on a level higher than A1, you have to transmit proof of your language level. This can be a certificate of a previously completed course or a screenshot of your transcript of Bielefeld University. If you do not have any of this or if too much time has passed since the previous course, you have to resp. can sit a placement test with us.

If you do not have a certificate on the level your German language skills and do not sit our placement test your registration is cancelled.

Course costs

Our German courses are free of charge for anyone who is enrolled as an international student in a subject (mainly) taught in English at Bielefeld University and pursues a degree here as well as for international employees of Bielefeld University.

For guest/visiting scientists who spend only one or two semesters at Bielefeld University, we will check individually if the course can be made free of charge for you.

The German courses are subject to a charge for guest students, students from cooperations (language assistants) as well as spouses of employees
Overall costs: 290 € per course.

As soon as we have received your registration you will be sent an invoice. Payment is due within 10 days after receiving the invoice. By payment of the course fee your registration will become binding.



All students ONLY have to register in eKVV. Registration in the PunktUm-Portal is no longer required.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions:


+49 (0) 521 - 106 - 3616