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Pursuit - Mediation - Prosecution

Appropriate Procedural Rules for the Settlement of Domestic Violence

Date: June 25 - 26, 2003
Organizers: Stephan Barton, Uwe Jürgens (both Bielefeld)

The phenomenon of "violence in the relationship of couples" has been recognized as a social problem for some time and it has generated consequences in the policy of law. Meanwhile, the "prosecution and punishment" of violence in relationships is not only dealt with in "classical" criminal proceedings, but also by means of mediation procedures, the so called Täter-Opfer-Ausgleichsverfahren (procedure to achieve a settlement between offender and victim) as well as by the rights of intervention laid down in the Gewaltschutzgesetz (law of protection against violence), which combines elements of the civil law, criminal law and police law. On June 25 and 26, some 90 academics (among others lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists) and practitioners took part in a symposium in the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Bielefeld in order to discuss on an interdisciplinary level the efficacy of the three models of procedures. Critical points and problems regarding the realization were revealed and demands to the legislature (legislative body) were formulated.

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