ZiF Workshops 2003

January 15 - 17Weltrecht
 Martin Schulte (Dresden)
January 22 - 25Natural Resources and Land-use in the Pamir Mountains
How can the preservation of biodiversity, natur protection and sustainable land-use in the Pamirs be combined?
 Siegmar-W. Breckle (Bielefeld)
January 30 - February 1Weimars lange Schatten
Weimar als Argument nach 1945
 Hans Boldt (Müllheim / Baden), Christoph Gusy (Bielefeld), Andreas Wirsching (Augsburg)
February 13 - 15Reform und Innovation in einer unstabilen Gesellschaft
 Giancarlo Corsi (Modena), Elena Esposito (Modena)
April 4 - 5Rechtswissenschaft als Kulturwissenschaft
 Ulrich Haltern (Berlin), Christoph Möllers (Heidelberg)
May 15 - 17Nietzsche as a Writer
 Rüdiger Bittner (Bielefeld)
May 22 - 24National Literatures since 1945
Autonomisation, Professionalisation, Internationalisation
 Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey (Bielefeld), Gisèle Sapiro (Paris)
June 4 - 7Models, Simulation, and the Application of Mathematics
 Ralf Herbold (Bielefeld), Johannes Lenhardt (Bielefeld), Michael Stöltzner (Bielefeld)
June 25 - 26Pursuit - Mediation - Prosecution
 Appropriate Procedural Rules for the Settlement of Domestic Violence
Stephan Barton (Bielefeld), Uwe Jürgens (Bielefeld)
July 3 - 4Walking Machines
 Biological and Artificial Systems
Holk Cruse (Bielefeld), Friedrich Pfeiffer (München)
July 5Open Day at the ZiF
July 9 - 12Science and Values
 Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Don Howard (Notre Dame/Indiana), Peter Weingart (Bielefeld)
July 17 - 19Antiquity and the Middle Ages in the Cinema
 Mischa Meier (Bielefeld), Simona Slanicka (Bielefeld), Wolfgang Struck (Kiel)
July 31 - August 2Trust and Community on the Internet
Possibilities and Restrictions for Cooperation on the Internet
 Michael Baurmann (Düsseldorf), Bernd Lahno (Duisburg), Uwe Matzat (Düsseldorf)
August 11 - 15Information Theory and some friendly neighbors - ein Wunschkonzert
 Rudolf Ahlswede (Bielefeld)
September 22 - 24Critical Theory and Religion
 Raymond Geuss (Cambridge/UK), Margarete Kohlenbach (Sussex)
November 27 - 29The Darwinism Dispute
(Natural) Science, Philosophy and World View in the Nineteenth Century (II)
 Kurt Bayertz (Münster), Walter Jaeschke (Bochum)
December 9ZiF:Lecture by Frans de Waal (Atlanta/USA)
 Is Civilization just a Mask for Egoistic Monsters? Answers from a primate researcher